Saturday, 28 January 2012

Outdoor Art Gallery

There is an outdoor art gallery near our house. It's a laneway where street artists have painted their designs straight on the wall. Some people call it graffiti rather than street art.  Some people get permission to paint their designs on people's houses or public walls. If you don't get permission, it's illegal - which means if you do it you can get in trouble from the police. 

We like this outdoor art gallery. If you want to visit it, take the first left off  Hoffman Lane (Willy Winky will greet you), which comes off Australia Street Newtown, NSW. Australia. The World.


  1. It's Beautiful - thanks! I wish council hadn't painted over the poems and odd word definitions left on Newtown walls.


  2. I just got back from Melbourne where the street art is amazing.
    I spent just as much time admiring art on the street as in the galleries.
    I think it is a very unselfish thing to do, painting beautiful work on walls that will be painted over by others.
    The good news is that these street artists are being taken quite seriously by the art community and their work can be also be seen in exhibitions as well.
    I love the idea of how they do not discriminate between the two and continue to make the streets beautiful.