Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pothole Gardening

We recently discovered the pothole gardener, a London-based mini guerilla gardener. He turns holes in the pavement into delightful mini gardens; tiny gems of greenery and fanciful flower arrangements, often incorporating props like miniature garden furniture or road signs.

We were inspired to create our own. We spent quite some time searching for the perfect pothole. We finally decided on this one, in Australia Street Newtown.

This afternoon, armed with potting mix, some specimens from our own garden, some especially purchased blooms and a few props from the doll house, we created this.

If you are inspired to create a pothole garden too, let us know - we would love to see it.


  1. I can only imagine how happy you have made those Newtown lizards and snails by giving them a little garden with chairs and an umbrella.
    Just lovely!

  2. I love the garden! If I had the special power to make myself tiny, I would and then I'd hang out there!

  3. Thank you Jude and sisteroutlaws! Our next garden might need some miniature artworks (Jude) and some tiny crocheted accessories (sisteroutlaws).