Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bubbling away gloom

The video above was shown via a pedal powered cinema at the launch of The Little Book of Little Gardens by the pothole gardener in London. We are proud to have had two gardens featured in the video.

Ours is the first garden featured and later the one we blogged about here is featured prefaced by this charming verse by Litterapture, a collective who place poetry in unexpected places:

"If life gives you lemons you know what to do
When the road is long and pot holes loom
From cracks flowering cocktails grew
Serving up green fizz, bubbling away gloom."

I love how they picked up on elements like the little cocktail umbrella in our garden and our blog name Lemonade Learning.

It's so much fun to be part of a collaborative project like this. We also really like the collaborative projects over at leafcutter designs. Thank you to Julianne from Sister Outlaws who drew our attention to this.

We are looking forward to our signed copy of the book to thank us for our participation. Thank you pothole gardener!